Yusuf Bey Clan Gets Heat, Loses Oversized Posters



Fresh from winning a prestigious national award from Investigative Reporters and Editors, the Chauncey Bailey Project has pubished a new story about the Yusuf Bey family, in which Santa Barbara police have reopened an investigation into a forty-year-old double murder. When Bey and his brother Billy X Stephens were operating their first mosque in Santa Barbara, two members of their sect were killed in their beds in 1968. In the original police investigation, mosque member Wendell Scott had allegedly written a letter to Nation of Islam leaders, complaining that he was forced to commit arson and insurance fraud on behalf of Stephens and Bey. Shortly afterward, someone kicked open the door of his apartment and used a rifle to shoot Scott and his wife, Birdie Mae Scott. Police were stymied at the time, but have reopened the case thanks to inquiries from the Chauncey Bailey Project.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Tribune reports, just a handful of people bid on the last assets seized from the old bakery. Two anonymous Bey family members and an old bakery associated cast competing bids for the grubby, oversized posters of Bey and Elijah Muhammad. Once upon a time, those posters used to hang on either side of Yusuf Bey as he gave hourlong sermons broadcast on the Soul Beat cable station. Now, their ultimate fate is unknown.