Your New Burning Man Pictures and Videos Won't Belong to You


According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the folks who run Burning Man have just declared that they more or less own every picture and video taken at the week long event, which begins August 31st.

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EFF Staff Attorney, Corynne McSherry says that Burning Man's new Terms and Conditions "include a remarkable bit of legal sleight-of-hand: as soon as 'any third party displays or disseminates' your photos or videos in a manner that the Burning Man Organization (BMO) doesn't like, those photos or videos become the property of the BMO."

Just like the music and media corporations do, Burning Man Organization may seek to have sites like YouTube take down videos they don't like. What the criteria might be for BMO to censor footage from The Playa is not entirely clear. How the free wheeling and digitally savvy masses gearing up for the event will react also remains to be seen.

Eric Klein