Your "Green" Friday MMJ Dispensary Deals


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While America's shoppers avoid or embrace Black Friday today, our region's medical cannabis dispensaries work to soothe the stress with "Green" Friday deals of their own. Here's what we found out there:

Harborside Health Center
Opens 9 a.m. Friday; $150 ounces, 50% off all seeds, HHC Cloud Pen, nails, pipes.

Telegraph Health Center
Specials all day.

10 percent off everything before noon.

C.R.A.F.T. Collective
Danksgiving Raspberry Cookies $35 (4 grams), $225 (28 grams)
Craft 3 Kings, Daywrecker Diesel, Cannaloupe Haze, and Mango $30 (4 grams), and $180 (28 grams)

San Francisco
SPARC: 15 percent off when you buy 6 pre-rolls, or 4 grams of cold water hash; 10 percent off any eight eighths

Green Cross
Bhang vape stick and cartridge was $50 now $30; $5 off CBD strains, discounts on gummies, oil capsules, 20 percent off Sky bongs

20 percent off everything, $120 ounces,

Bloom Room
Harlequin, Jr Purple Kush, and Citrus Kush $25 for 4 grams