Your Daily Lick: Moira Scar



Slink to Intensity (self-released)

Moira Scar is a little reminder of the time when punk was weirder and a lot more fun. Like a deliciously demented hybrid of the New York Dolls, Sonic Youth and dark cabaret — plus some deliberately strange and provocative visuals — they’re like GWAR for art school kids. “Slink to Intensity” sounds like it came straight off the soundtrack to one of the odder French animations, while “You Make Me Scream” has an almost Celtic folksy edge to it. If you’re a lover of all things weird, dark, and kind of twisted, you’re going to adore Moira Scar.

At Life Changing Ministries (1629 8th Street, Oakland) on July 24. 4 p.m., tba