Your Asinine Ron Dellums Quote of the Day


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At the bottom of a Chron story about a murder, an attempted murder in a housing project, and an exchange of gunfire on Martin Luther King Jr. Way that shattered windows at Children's Hospital Oakland, we have the following grafs:

"Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums issued a statement Wednesday that said the overnight homicide and shootings underscored the need to 'silence the violence' through job training, community engagement and a comprehensive public safety strategy."

"A job fair and barbecue were held at McAfee Coliseum on Wednesday evening just before the Oakland A's played the Tampa Bay Rays."

We doubt anything more need to be said about Ron Dellums at this point; Oakland knows what kind of mayor it's stuck with. We do, however, wonder if Dellums has a staffer whose entire job consists of waiting for someone to get shot, pulling open the Microsoft Word file that deplores the violence and calls for a comprehensive public safety strategy, updating the names and dates, and emailing it to the press. Because that guy? At least he's doing something.