You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature, Bite-Sized



Meet Bob MacDonald: Cal alum, art critic, scrambled-egg enthusiast — and gay senior. He's been out for longer than many of you have probably been alive, but at 78, MacDonald says he's been forced to go back into the closet as a result of his nursing home's conservative and quietly heteronormative environment. MacDonald's story illustrates a much larger phenomenon, detailed at length by Nancy Lopez in this week's cover story: as the first generation of openly gay men and women begins to reach old age, the same people who fought in the Stonewall riots and marched on Washington face new marginalization — and even discrimination — at the hands of a society and a long-term care system that has never before had to contend with the LGBT senior population and their specific needs. It's a fascinating story; read it here and/or watch the video below:

Gay Seniors Face Challenges in Nursing Homes from Nancy Lopez on Vimeo.