You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature, Bite-Sized



This week, it's all about whiskey. Specifically: a cowlicked young Irish-American Berkeley alum who loves the stuff so much he teaches his own DeCal on it, hopes to start his own distillery, and was recently tapped to be a corporate "whiskey ambassador" by one of the biggest liquor companies in the country. And he's coming to it at the right place and right time: whiskey's currently enjoying a national renaissance, and Northern California's damp climate makes the Bay Area the perfect place for craft whiskey distillers. Only problem: state law, as it currently exists, prohibits liquor companies from selling their products directly to consumers, thereby making it nearly impossible to turn a profit as a craft distiller. Intrepid reporter Bailey Pennick's got the story; read all about O'Connor and his mission to bring whiskey to the masses here.