You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature, Bite-Sized



It's summer, y'all. Can't you tell from the sweater-weather temperatures and thick layer of fog?? And in the interest of helping you guys soak up all the beautiful and sunny mid-fifties and mostly cloudy days that lie ahead, this week's feature is our annual Summer Guide, in which we drop all kinds of knowledge on stuff like foodie day trips, sliding-scale bike shops, summer fashion, scavenged redecorating, outdoor dining, and vertical gardening. We also tell you which summer music festivals are worth your money, where best to get drunk outdoors, and which local bands you should be watching out for right now. Plus: "crackling skin and fatty tender flesh;" the world's best seeds; new and exciting things to do with your appendages; and guilty-pleasure books about dead celebrities, serial killers, foulmouthed self-help moguls, and, uh, dingleberries. Read the whole thing here and go forth and have fun in the sun and/or fog.