You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature, Bite-Sized



This week, we give you three feature stories for the price* of one: see, it's our semi-annual "Taste" special issue, in which we dutifully plumb the depths of the East Bay's ever-expanding food and nightlife scene in order to introduce you to such deliciousness as the new intensely bitter, super-hoppy Double IPA beers; frozen custard, Italian-style hero sandwiches, strombolis, and other East Coast comfort foods, now making their way to the Bay Area; and Plum's burger: "juicy and sharded with bits of beef cheek and oxtail, slathered in house-made horseradish, and served on a slate-black plate with fresh, locally-grown greens." If your mouth isn't watering, you're not paying attention. Check it all out here.

*that price being "free."