You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature, Bite-Sized



First Walnut Creek, then Emeryville, and now, Alameda: looks like the East Bay's most unassuming 'burbs are home to all kinds of dramz lately. This week, Paul Gackle dives into the story behind an alleged power grab on the island, and what he finds ain't pretty: After the defeat of a hugely controversial deal with the developer SunCal, and in the wake of a series of investigations and ousters that left the city's government balkanized, some Alamedans allege that a three-member majority of city council members is attempting to undermine the city's current government. Their first step, critics say: moving, in a closed-door session, to dismiss Interim City Manager Anne Marie Gallant — a SunCal opponent who also launched an investigation into one of the councilmember's relationshop with the developer. It's all far too juicy for 150 words; read the whole thing here.