You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature Bite-Sized



This week, "The Big Payback: The Year in Comics." Finally, the one week per year we get a story with lots of pictures. The plot is a bit episodic, though, actually a series of little graphic political and cultural barbs. The recurring theme is revenge: Screw you, Pombo. Nancy Pelosi as a dominatrix, with Jerry McNerney stretched on a rack. Don Perata as Da Debble. Oakland loses the A's to outer suburbia. Artisanal foodie serfs secretly drink Starbucks. We live in a state of sellouts (well, duh). Newspapers are dead (with the possible exception of this one). We shoulda listened to Al Gore. Food critic John Birdsall may be a robot, but he's a friendly robot. If you ain't with Google, you're off-world. Lots of issues and trends to think about, but you'll never be able to actually do anything about any of them. Happy 2007.