You Write Too Long: This Week's Cover Story Bite-Sized



This Week, "The Best Movies of 2006": Nikki Finke of the LA Weekly predicts we'll be up to our jumbo Cherry Cokes in sequels at this time next year. At last, a reason to embrace the future. The looming Writers Guild and SAG strikes won't help the situation. Good thing we've laid in a stock of old Hammer horror films to see us through 2007 and possibly 2008. Reviewer Jim Ridley talks to director Alfonso Cuar�n (Children of Men), who reckons we're tired of jump cuts. Dude's got something there. Filmmaker James Longley updates writer Rob Nelson on the Iraqis seen in Longley's documentary, Iraq in Fragments. Amazingly, some of them are apparently still alive. Clint Eastwood tells Scott Foundas that if he never makes another movie, that's fine with him -- which is exactly what many of us thought after seeing Flags of Our Fathers. Robert Wilonsky thinks director Rian Johnson's Brick can stand with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And director Daniel Burman, quizzed by Ella Taylor, discusses Woody Allen (he admires him "more than anyone else in the world") and states that he doesn't care what happens to the women characters in his own film, Family Law. You may regret either or both of those lines, mate.