You Write Too Long: This Week's Cover Story Bite-Sized


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This week, "The Fremont Athletics": Dissed by the national sports media, handcuffed by Major League Baseball, shoved out of the American League playoffs this year by Detroit even though hailed by Michael (Moneyball) Lewis for its loyal, knowledgeable fans - what else could possibly happen to Oakland's baseball dreams? They could be crushed, and Oakland could lose the A's. In fact, it already has. Sometime around 2010, Lewis Wolff, Billy Beane, and company will pack up their four World Series championships, magical bullpen, and green-and-gold banners, and move the show down the bayfront to Fremont, where the money is. Who's to blame? Take your pick: football plunderer Al Davis, the nature of sports merchandising in the dot-com era, the lack of political will in Oakland city government, or perhaps (shudder) the scrappy underdog fans themselves, who didn't come out to the Coliseum enough. Read all about it in the Express' exhaustive takeout on the A's - complete with timeline. The going-away party begins next April.