You Write Too Long -- This Week's Cover Bite-Sized



This Week, "Visions of Utopia: Best of the East Bay 2007": Hmm, pretty quirky picks by the staffers to offset the predictable ones by the readers. CLIF Bar is the best place to work. Readers are urged to drive up to Caspers Hot Dogs in Albany and stare at the sign. Skateboarding fashion makes a resurgence. The ultimate free-range chicken pot pie - they come frozen. "Louisiana Classical" chow at Angeline's. Tie one on at Arnie's Time Out, the last of the gravel-parking-lot roadhouses. The pleasures of griddle fat at Taqueria Sinaloa #3, el mejor of the East Bay's numerous taco trucks. L. Peter Callender is the best actor in the East Bay. Grip Grand is the best rapper. And Anthony Paone of Sea Salt and T-Rex Barbeque is the best chef. So there.