You Write Too Long: This Week's Cover Bite-Sized



This week, "Street Flix": For a "wingnut" who sleeps in a carport, Johnny Shaw is remarkably energetic and organized. His digitally produced documentary, My Big Fat Homeless Berkeley Movie, is much in demand at film festivals, and now Shaw is running around doing essentially the same things as a fledgling Hollywood filmmaker - except that instead of lunching at Spago, Shaw eats the free breakfast at Trinity Church and hangs out at one of his favorite spots, underneath the Haas Gymnasium ventilation exhaust. Otherwise, he's glued to his (donated) laptop all day like any other movie producer. As writer David Downs explains it, the vignette-based film itself is "at times very funny, and brutally sad, but never didactic and preachy." It's available at Amoeba and Rasputin, and soon, on