Yes, Harold Camping Is Cashing in on The Rapture, Folks



So, all of you who expressed consternation about the forthcoming *Rapture* and various iterations thereof, consider yourselves validated. Yes, it turns out Family Radio host and self-stylized Rapture prophesizer Harold Camping isn't just a local Cassandra, he's also profiting immensely from this whole imbroglio. As Matthias Gafni reported today in the Contra Costa Times, Family Radio has seen a huge increase in $cash money$ as the day of Judgment approaches. According to tax returns, the non-profit Christian broadcast station raised more than $7 million over the past 7 years, and was worth more than $72 million in 2009, the Coco Times reports. That's not to mention the fact that its ever-expanding empire includes 66 radio stations internationally. Those 5,000 Judgment Day Billboards may have cost millions of dollars to produce, but they appear to be generating new revenue streams for the company.

So of course, everyone wants to know where all that money is going, when the day arrives and Camping ascends into heaven. He told the Times it's all gonna vaporize.

The rest of you, go forth and loot.