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Yee Olde Dragon Master’s Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest

The role-playing metal band performs at Tourettes Without Regrets' Game of Thrones-themed variety show.


Game of Thrones is a veritable cultural phenomenon. The show is HBO’s most commercially successful series to date — transcending the fantasy genre’s niche appeal in a way that is unprecedented in television. So who better to produce a tribute show than local, live variety company Tourettes Without Regrets, whose eclectic performances appeal to fans of burlesque, slam poetry, live music, and stand-up comedy alike? The upcoming show, “Game of Thrones Live — Hodor’s Revenge” on September 26 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse (630 3rd St.), features Yee Olde Dragon Master’s Guide to the Mighty Labyrinth Quest, a local “choose your own adventure” band whose live show involves twelve-sided dice the size of beach balls. As per the night’s theme, the group will perform new material inspired by Game of Thrones. If a night of bawdy burlesque, role-playing folk metal, and fantasy fandom seems disparate at first glance, that only speaks to the power of endless war in the Lands of Ice and Fire to bring us all together.