Women's Choice Clinic Closes Its Doors



After thirty-six years of offering free and affordable health services to women in the Bay Area, the Women's Choice Clinic closed its doors this week. Women' Choice offered birth control, abortions, and other services to roughly 2,000 women every year -- more than 64,000 in the three decades since its inception, reported the Oakland Tribune. Many of those clients were uninsured, and in the past year up to 90% were on state funding, said Women's Choice executive director Linci Comi. The clinic had a distinctly feminist orientation, and was known for catering to low-income women, LGBT communities, and women for whom English is a second language. Comi said the clinic is now on the verge of bankruptcy, and can no longer afford to pay rent on its Oakland office. She blamed the state of California for freezing Medi-Cal reimbursements as a way to balance its budget.