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Winter Vibrations

An evening of left-field hip-hop and R&B.


In an effort to combat negative stereotypes about their native Bay Area, cousins Mamou Kilambi and Odilcia Balondola started the blog Nook and Kranny, which highlights local music, art, food, and other facets of culture mostly produced by fellow people of color. The duo, who call themselves Les Jumelles (or, “the twins”), will be taking their mission from URL to IRL at Sunday’s Winter Vibrations concert, which features a lineup of mostly local DJs and hip-hop and R&B artists. In addition to DJs Shruggs and Spencer Stevens on the decks, rappers TyreseJohnsonMusic, Oops, and K.E.L.L.S. and singers Rayana Jay and AprilFoolChild will perform at the event. While the lineup is eclectic, the musicians on the bill share a penchant for left-field aesthetics, soulful and earthy sounds, and introspective lyricism. Winter Vibrations will also include a spoken-word poetry reading.