Will the Warriors New Owner Embrace Oakland?



Thank god the Warriors are up for sale. It’s the best news since health-care reform. After all, there’s little dispute that Chris Cohan is one of worst owners in team sports. Unfortunately, the East Bay is home to two more — Lew Wolff of the Oakland A’s and Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison would certainly break that mold. Not only is he a rich and savvy businessman (which already puts him ahead of Wolff, Davis, and Cohan), but his foray into the America’s Cup proves he’s a sports winner, too.

He’ll surely spend the money needed to attract top basketball talent. Some are speculating that he also might move the team across the bay to a spot next to AT&T Park. But that appears to be a longshot, because the Warriors still owe the City of Oakland and Alameda County a bundle for remodeling the Arena in the 1990s. We're holding out hope that the team under Ellison's leadership will stay put and finally embrace its hometown. Getting get rid of that ridiculous “Golden State” moniker would be a good start. The Oakland Warriors sounds much better, and it’s a better fit for this rough-and-tumble city.