Why Did Cops Storm the Apartment?



That has to be one of the top questions in the coming days in weeks after the fatal shooting of four Oakland police officers over the weekend. Police knew full well that Lovelle Mixon, a 26-year-old parolee, was extremely dangerous. He had just gunned down two officers in broad daylight. So why did police brass order the SWAT team to storm the apartment where the brazen cop killer was hiding? From all indications so far, they had no idea what was going in that apartment. Mixon could have been holding hostages for all they knew. Based on what's been reported so far, it looks like whoever gave the SWAT team the green light was at the very least impatient, if not reckless. As it turned out, the cops walked into an ambush, and two more of them ended up dead.

Why didn't police seal off the apartment and wait Mixon out? The Chron had an interesting story today about how the tragic incident might affect future training of police officers. But one has to wonder whether Oakland police went by the book when they decided to knock down the apartment door and toss in shock grenades, before entering a situation in which they really had no idea what to expect. The story also hypothesizes that police may have been concerned that Mixon was an extreme danger to others. That may have been true, but police also knew full well that he was extremely dangerous to cops, and yet they stormed in anyway.