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Who Are the Key Keepers of Ocean View?

Help needed, defend Albany from the Key Keepers. "This is some weird Gravity Falls/Riverdale kinda shit."



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Joey Rees-Hill, a friend of DuBois responsible for building the "computery stuff" such as the Key Keepers phone system, said his favorite part of the game was watching people deface the Key Keepers fliers. "I had been working on this project since January and up until that point it was very abstract, but once I saw that people were actually going out and playing our game it was really exciting to me to know that we were reaching people and they were interacting with the stuff we had been working on for so long."

DuBois made a point of having the game end happily. "I really don't like stories that end bad, end with any animosity," he said. "So I didn't want there to be animosity in the end. I wanted everyone to come together."

"Some people had a silly conversation with Mary and that was all they did, but they had a good time," he said. "And some people just encountered Mary on the street and that was all they did and they were either confused or hopefully had a laugh. ... And for me we were winning. We're just creating entertainment on Solano regardless of how deep you interact with it. And some people are going to go really deep, and befriend Mary, and hide notes in library books at the Albany library."

And the games have only begun, DuBois assures. To see what is coming next, visit, or AlbanyHauntCA on Facebook and Instagram.

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