Where Are They Now? Jose Canseco Edition



Where oh where could you be, Jose Canseco? Ever since the more caliente half of the Bash Brothers blew his baseball stake on bad business decisions and two messy divorces, the man's done everything he could think of to raise a little green. He's written a spill-yer-guts tome about steroids, rented himself out as a brostitute for five grand a day — shit, the man's even fought Danny Bonaduce for a wad. And now, Canseco is back doing the thing he does best: knockin' dingers out of the park. This time, he's with the Laredo Broncos, a minor league team out in Texas. And even if his extracurricular activities are a little less than dignified (he married a Hooters waitress and got busted slapping her around, after all), Jose can still send 'em into orbit. After the jump, check out his first at-bat with his new team.