Wheels of Change: Outtakes 

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Bonus photos from this week's feature story, featuring exclusive action shots of some of the Bay Area's top female shredders.
OF 12
Elissa Steamer may spend more time surfing these days, but she still has the skills and style that made her famous.
Marie Baeta and other members of Skate Like a Girl hold a street skating clinic in Berkeley.
Alisaah Yu says, "I like to blast death or black metal on my iPod and tune everyone out and concentrate on perfecting my carving lines."
Katie Belton took up skating after watching her son at the skate park for years.
Erica Harris, co-director of SLAG, said that it's hard for girls "to connect and meet each other to skate together."
Kim Woozy started MAHFIA, a video production company and network of female pro athletes.
Woozy (on left) has a credo: "You can't be what you can't see."
8-year-old Minna Stess is a skater through and through, down to her first aid supplies.
In the words of Minna Stess, "Just go skate, and have fun."
Despite her commercial success as a pro skater, Elissa Steamer echoes the sentiment: "Entering contests was always just a small part of skating for me."

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