What's Up with GOP Non-Voters?


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What is it with California Republican political candidates and they're failure to vote in elections? According to the Chron, the latest is Damon Dunn, a wealthy former NFL player running for secretary of state next year. The 33-yer-old real estate developer, however, has only voted once in his life. "There's no excuse, no justification," Dunn admitted to the Chron about his failure to vote.

Dunn joins GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and Republican Carly Fiorina, who is running for US senate, as a trio of rich political neophytes who are running for high office after showing almost no interest in politics. UC Berkeley political guru Bruce Cain notes to the Chron that wealthy candidates have shot to the top of the Republican Party because it's in serious trouble financially, and can't raise enough funds to on its own.