What's in a Name?


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Mandi Coleman is a bad-news name to have in Oakland. On December 28, a nineteen-year-old Oaklander surrendered to San Leandro police in connection with the recent string of Asian-restaurant stickups that ended (hopefully) with the arrest of another nineteen-year-old Oaklander, Lance Lindquist, last week. (Lindquist has been charged with 57 felonies in the perpetration of eleven robberies.) The name of the man who turned himself in in San Leandro is ...

Mandi Coleman.

Five years ago, a fourteen-year-old boy stabbed his mom's 32-year-old abusive boyfriend in the back on 62nd Avenue. The injured man staggered outside, then bled to death on the 6200 block of International Boulevard. The name of the stabbed-to-death abusive boyfriend was ...

Mandi Coleman.

Just another cosmic coincidence.