What's Happening at Planned Parenthood?



Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, the local network of women's health clinics that serves Alameda and five other Bay Area counties, is in serious financial trouble, the Contra Costa Times reports. The affiliate's tax records show serious and increasing financial problems; since breaking even in 2005-06, the organization has steadily assembled more and more debt, until its last financial year racked up a $2.8 million deficit. Meanwhile, other Bay Area Planned Parenthood groups enjoy multi-million-dollar surpluses. No one at either the national organization nor Planned Parenthood Golden Gate would talk about the details of what happened, but losing the national affiliation is a serious blow, since the Golden Gate will no longer be able to negotiated bulk-buying with medical suppliers. Meanwhile, Golden Gate interim executive director is reportedly holding "a staff contest to come up with a new name." That should solve everything.