What We Like: Wendy Davis, Snailface, Sweet Bar



Texas state Senator Wendy Davis mesmerized the nation with her filibuster this week, and now the inappropriate question on everyone's mind is surely this: How did she last twelve hours without peeing? Mother Jones' Hannah Levintova considers all the options. — Elly Schmidt-Hopper

The Prancing Elites are an all-male cheerleading squad from Atlanta. And yes, they are as amazing as their name suggests:

Youths of today … the future looks so bright:
— Kathleen Richards

Here are some amazing photos of animals from around the world. The fact that only a few hundred years ago an elephant-bird existed on this very planet boggles the mind! — E.S.

New Snailface album from the incredibly nerdy doods in Kowloon Walled City, described as "1983 Genesis doing songs about camping." There needs to be more albums about camping and trees, IMHO.

"Pimpin Season" by Chippy Nonstop. Let it be known that I do not endorse pimping in any season; however, this track is damn catchy. — K.R.

In light of the sixty-year anniversary of the signing of the armistice that halted (but didn't end) the Korean War is this artist's moving rendering of the Korean flag. Anyone who watched John Robbins on PBS as a kid will appreciate. — K.R.

Tomato avocado salad at Miss Ollie's.
Homemade soda at Lungomare (spike it!).
Gluten-free chocolate-chip/cherry cookie at Sweet Bar. — K.R.