What We Like Right Now: Roasted Chestnuts, 'Harlem Shake,' Breaking Up



This week's snack find: roasted chestnuts, sold at a little stand inside Richmond's Pacific East Mall, near the entrance to the 99 Ranch Market — just $3 for a 1/4-pound sack. These are little fellas — no bigger than acorns — but the meat is very, very sweet, and they'll still be warm if you go early enough in the day. The best part is that these are the easiest-to-peel chestnuts I've ever encountered: Press hard enough on the right spot, and the whole shell comes off all at once with a satisfying little pop. (Fair warning: I left without thinking to ask whether the stand is open every day of the week, or whether it's only there during the winter months. So I wouldn't risk making a special trip, but I will say this: These are the perfect little thing to munch on while braving the 45-minute wait for weekend dim sum at Daimo or Saigon Harbor.) — Luke Tsai

Roasted chestnuts from California.

If you watched the banana video Ellen posted last week and wondered what the hell was going on, it's one among many videos soundtracked to a song called “Harlem Shake," and it's fast becoming as big as "Gangnam Style." Fader explains how it all happened, Deadspin is annoyed that the dance in the video is not the actual Harlem Shake, and Wired interviews indie-pop duo Matt & Kim about the making of its version of the meme. — Whitney Phaneuf

Did you put off breaking up with someone until after Valentine's Day? Here's what you should say, courtesy of McSweeney's. — W.P.