What We Like Right Now: Meatballs, Coffee, Tween Spirit

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I rarely buy prepared food because it's cheaper and more fun to cook at home, but I ended up at Market Hall last weekend and the woman working there recommended the roasted carrots. I bought a pint (they're $5.95 a pound), bought them home, and proceeded to eat the entire container of lukewarm carrots standing at my kitchen counter. The carrots are bite-sized, soft but not mushy, and glazed with garlic butter — so simple and yet, mine have never tasted so good. — Whitney Phaneuf

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Me and Ellen can’t seem to remember why, but last night we got into a fairly serious discussion about meatballs. Today, we decided we are going to make these, which are kindof like meatballs. Aren’t you glad you know that now? — Azeen Ghorayshi

Here's my favorite way of making one of my favorite things: scrambled eggs and salami, adapted from John Throne's classic, awesome manifesto on savory breakfasts.

1) Take a hunk of good hard salami and grate a few tablespoons' worth (use the big holes). 2) In your pan, melt a thick pat of butter over medium-low heat. Add the salami and several grinds of black pepper. Stir. Let the salami and butter get friendly. 3) Beat a few eggs and sprinkle in a pinch of sea salt, and maybe a dash of milk for good measure. 4) Add the eggs to the pan. Don't fiddle with them too much; every once in a while, use a spatula to scrape the pan so you have a pile of big curds in the middle, and so the remaining liquid-y part can pool out. 5) When the eggs are just set, they're done. Quick! Take them off the heat and enjoy over hot buttered toast. — Luke Tsai

Need an afternoon pick-me-up and craving sugar? Go to Peerless Coffee and try its flavored brew, which changes every two weeks along with its decaf and regular coffee. Last time I was there, I discovered the Dark Chocolate Truffle coffee, which tastes like bingeing on the real thing. — W.P.

Adobe Books, the Mission District bookstore where you can buy a used paperback and still have beer money leftover, may be forced out of business due to a $4,000 (!!) rent increase. Luckily, friends of the bookstore are raising money to revitalize the business with a store redesign and new event programming. Read more on its indiegogo.com fundraising page.

I like this Harlem shake video:


It seems like everywhere you turn these days, grown up adults with real jobs and mortgages and receding hairlines and stuff are turning to TWEENS as the key to how we (the old curmudgeonly receding hairline people) will soon be living our lives. OMG, tweens on Twitter say they don’t use Facebook; is Facebook passé (translation: are WE passé)? LOOK, tweens say they sometimes communicate with NO PURPOSE AT ALL (see: Snapchat); what does that even MEAN (translation: does that mean sexting)? Tweens are now “hoarding Tumblr URLS for ‘status and power’”; what would BOURDIEU say? (translation: I’ve gone to college!) Okay and this one’s actually kindof cute (even though Bold Italic usually = barf), but what shitty bands are tweens in these days? What IS this weird form of reverse nostalgia, and WHAT WOULD THE TWEENS SAY ABOUT IT? — A.G.

Dennis Rodman (tailed by VICE producers who know exactly what the world wants all the time) is soon going to serve as a “basketball ambassador” to North Korea. If you don’t know what North Korea looks like, check out these Instagrams from inside the country, which this week let foreigners connect their phones to 3G for the first time. — A.G.