What We Like: Rocky Horror, Mariah Carey and Miguel, Smith Westerns



This photographer decided to do a dress-up photo shoot celebrating her five-year-old daughter's birthday, only she didn't take her inspiration from the Disney-fied princess lookbook. — Lenika Cruz

Peaches Christ's presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show over the weekend defies categorization: Was it a concert, a drag show, a Q&A with star Patricia Quinn? — yes, it was all those things except the 1975 cult movie itself, which was what made the concept so brilliant. On stage at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, Peaches Christ (aka P.C.) narrated the story while a costumed cast of singers performed each number from the film, backed by a live band. Serious kudos to musical director Peter Fogel who found some extraordinary singers for these roles — ones who evoked all the quirks and passion of the original characters. Speaking of original cast members, Quinn (twisted maid Magenta in the film) came all the way from England to watch and perform in the finale, plus do a Q&A with P.C. and sign autographs. Quinn said watching the songs isolated from the movie reminded her of their importance: "To listen to this music again tonight ... it's genius. I think Richard O'Brien has done something amazing." I agree. — Whitney Phaneuf

The iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show lips projected at the Victoria Theatre.
  • Whitney Phaneuf
  • The iconic 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' lips projected at the Victoria Theatre.

I have absolutely no idea if Mariah Carey and Miguel’s new jam, "#Beautiful"* is, indeed the song of the summer, as literally every blog on the internet has declared it, but I do know that I have been unable to stop listening to it since is debuted last week.

*Yes, that’s a hashtag. 2013, guys!!!!!!!!!! — Ellen Cushing

This video for the Smith Westerns’ new single “Varsity” is an effusively lovely, pheromone-filled, blurry-around-the-edges take on summertime romance. If anything, it makes me even more excited for the upcoming release of the glam-rockers’ next album Soft Will, due out in June. — L.C.