What We Like: Non•Market, Lou Reed, 'The Craft' in Drag



Let them use Uber” is the perfect way to sum up the way (half of) San Francisco (guess which one) has dealt with the BART strike, and is also a perfect way to sum up the city’s obsession with entrepreneurial privatization. — Azeen Ghorayshi

“Are you ready for real talk?” asks whoever the gods of social media are on the Trails and Ways Facebook page. The Oakland band is referring to a new Tumblr, called Non•Market, launched by a collective of DIY bands in the Bay Area, where “real talk” is the MO. Each week, one musician/band will talk about another musician/band; the following week they’ll pass the baton, and the subject band will discuss another band, and so on and so forth. It’s sparse, simple, and a great way to listen to tracks as well as get to sneak a peek at how musicians think about music. This week, check out Astronauts, etc writing about Waterstrider. — A.G.

Picturing Lou Reed rocking out to Yeezus makes his review of the album entirely worth reading. — Whitney Phaneuf

Supernatural drag queens, anyone? Peaches Christ is taking over the Castro Theatre next Saturday for a special screening and live staging of Nineties teen horror flick The Craft. The cast includes two contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five , Honey Mahogany and Alaska Thunderfuck, and Drag Race Season Four winner Sharon Needles. It should be spooky, scary, and oh-so glamorous! — W.P.