What We Like: God Shammgod, 'The Clock,' Burritos



March Madness is as good a time as any to reminisce on the life and times of former Providence College point guard and New York City streetball legend God Shammgod — you might enjoy this recent piece on The Classical. Mostly, though, you’ll want to watch the last part of this video over and over again: a dribbling clinic from the guy often said to have the sickest handle of any basketball player who ever lived. — Luke Tsai

Meet your new favorite Tumblr: Actresses Without Teeth. All your favorite glamorous and gummy glitterati in one place. I literally spit my food out when I first saw this, so before you click through to see these darling, defanged divas, make sure your mouth is devoid of food and/or liquids. — Lenika Cruz

Go see The Clock by Christian Marclay at SFMOMA from Saturday, Apr. 6 to Sunday, June 2, and if you can, catch the film during one of its rare continuous (aka all-night) screenings. — Whitney Phaneuf

Video still from The Clock, by Christian Marclay (2010)
  • Video still from 'The Clock,' by Christian Marclay (2010)

In honor of the title of our blog "Stuff We Like," here's a great, thought-provoking article published in The New Inquiry (full disclosure: I saw this on Ellen's Twitter) on the history of the ubiquitous "like" through the lens of marketing theory and social media. Here's a brief tidbit for you: "There’s a deeper history to 'like,' though, that is far older than Facebook. The marketing subfield of Liking Studies, which began before Internet use became mainstream, is key to understanding how this somewhat bland, reductive signal of affect became central to the larger consumer economy we live in. It also explains why Facebook will never install a Dislike button." — L.C.

This week I have two burrito-related endorsements, because apparently that’s all I care about. First, I should probably confess to you all that despite being born and raised here, understanding the importance of small businesses and the evils of large ones, ETC ETC I am a Chipotle die-hard. This is my secret shame, except I’m not actually ashamed because come on it’s sooooo good. And its app is basically magic: Not only does it help you find the closest Chipotle to you, look up allergen information, stuff like that, it actually enables you to ORDER ONLINE and skip the line. Available in the app stores and anywhere else fine apps are sold and/or given away FOR ABSOLUTE FREE, as this one is. Second, I’d like to direct your attention to Bay Area Review of Burritos, where a crack team of burrito fanatics have undertaken the saintly task of reviewing every burrito place in the Bay Area. The site’s still pretty new, but it’s already gotten several reviews in, all executed with wit, rigor, lyricism, and the gimlet eye of a true burrito fanatic. Get into it. — Ellen Cushing

One of these days I’ll do a whole post on Chinese takeout, but in the meantime I’ll tease you with two of my favorites: the Hot Spicy Chow Mein at Shan Dong (328 10th St.) — request the handmade noodles — and the simple but addictive Prawns with Scrambled Egg at New Gold Medal (389 8th St.). Give me an order of those eggs, a bowl of white rice, and a DVR queued up with all the Downton Abbey episodes I need to get caught up on, and I’m set for the night. — L.T.

Sunny days mean sunny day-drinking, and so last week EBX staged a work “retreat” with a delightful afternoon spent at The Missouri Lounge. Good drinks, good food, good company, and one white wine spritzer (ahem, Whitney Phaneuf). — Azeen GhorayshI

Recently, at Burger Records, I was given a promo magazine full of bizarre pictures of musicians posing with a big blue monster. No text but the title. A few keystrokes later and I am hooked on The Gorburger Show, which is premised on the idea that said monster ate the staff of a Japanese talk show and now hosts it himself. This webseries insults its musician guests more often than interviews them and it won't provide a lot of substance to your understanding of Flea, Henry Rollins, or Wayne Coyne (who, along with many more, are to be featured the second season, which started last month), but it will make you laugh. — Alex Taitague

The new Shlohmo song, “Bo Peep (Do U Right)” featuring Jeremih, manages to be even sexier than their last collaboration, Shlohmo’s remix of Jeremih’s “Fuck You All the Time,” perhaps because couching things in euphemisms really does leave way more up to the imagination. The accompanying video of Shlohmo and Jeremih vibeing in the studio doesn’t hurt, either. The duo will grace the Bay Area with a show this Friday, Apr. 5, at 1015 Folsom. — A.G.

I’m also a bit in love with this mix Ryan Hemsworth made for The FADER. It’s like a month old, but groovy as fuck, and it’s got Bjork, Spaceghostpurrp, Jojo (yes, THAT Jojo), Broken Social Scene, The Radio Dept., Sky Ferreira, and (our favorite) Rhye. — L.C.

The Wachowskis — masterminds of The Matrix franchise — are going to be directing the next Netflix-produced bingefest a la "House of Cards.” No word yet when it’ll be released to foaming-at-the-mouth audiences, so in the meantime I’ve made it my goal to watch all nine seasons of “The X-Files” — the gift that keeps on giving (minus unresolved sexual tension). — A.G.

Y'all remember Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple, right (all my Nineties people say heyyyy)? Grantland's Rembert's first installment of "Rembert Explains the '90s" takes us back to a time when getting a sweet mountain bike was reasonably worth being terrorized by those spawn of Mephisto, the temple guards. — L.C.