What We Like: Flinging Paratha, Mac DeMarco, Arrested Development



This cover of Daft Punk's new track "Get Lucky" is gorgeous. — Whitney Phaneuf

If you’ve never heard this fantastic three-year-old remix based on sounds from the Disney Pixar movie Up (called, fittingly “Upular Remix”), then I deserve a small award (maybe home-baked goodies?) for showing it to you. Note: your love of this adorable song will probably be directly proportional to your appreciation for the film itself, though even strangers to the film may find themselves briefly enamored of this little nugget of brilliance. — Lenika Cruz

The new music video for Mac DeMarco’s “My Kind of Woman” is delightfully — dare I say — Lynchian, and it’s exactly what I expected from the slightly nutty but undeniably awesome Canadian musician. It’s got the right amount of cross-dressing, sloppy makeup, surreal carnival mazes and claustrophobic close-ups to give us a creepy slant on what would otherwise be a simple (but beautiful) love song. — L.C.
Mac DeMarco: My Kind of Woman
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This sidearm-flinging paratha dude is my hero. — Luke Tsai

From now on, until the premiere of the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix on May 26, I am going to use these weekly blog posts as an excuse to preach the gospel of the best TV show of all time (in my own statistically insignificant opinion). If you don’t have time to re-watch all two and a half seasons, use this video as a quick refresher. Also, if you needed to be reminded of how unbelievably, unfathomably smart this show is, here’s a list of 53 jokes you probably missed. I have literally watched this series all the way through at least seven times, and a shameful chunk of these jokes escaped me. — L.C.