What We Like: Cold Beverages, Hoodslam, Twerk Trio



In honor of summer and (knock on wood) continued warm weather, here are the most refreshing cold beverages I've had recently (non-alcoholic edition), in no particular order: 1) the minty, not-too-sweet homemade fruit punch at Homeroom; 2) assorted aguas frescas at Marrow and Molcajete; 3) the mauby at Miss Ollie's (like a non-carbonated root beer — licorice-y, and just sweet and bitter enough); and 4) any of Asha Tea House's seasonal fruit teas, which are loaded with pulpy bits of fresh fruit. — Luke Tsai

A friend who was, for whatever reason, indulging in the terrors/delights of daytime television this week struck gold with this find: VH1’s 40 Greatest R&B Songs of the ‘90s. For those of us lucky/unlucky enough to not be channel-surfing at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday, there’s a Spotify playlist here. Your day just got ten times better, I promise. — Azeen Ghorayshi

Wine and Bowties wrote a feature on Hoodslam, the Oakland underground wresting show that is held every first Friday at the Oakland Metro. Characters like Drugs Bunny, Pink Panther, and Wonderwoman battle for the benefit of 700-800 fans — it's Oakland's dirtier, vulgar, and homegrown version of pro-wrestling. — Elly Schmidt-Hopper

FoxNews.com published a story this week with the best lede in the entire history of journalism: “It seems Justin Bieber thinks he is to cool for public restrooms.” The only way that lede could get better is if it somehow incorporated the fact that Bieber also evidently hates Bill Clinton. — A.G.

The Bay Area "twerk trio" video went viral last week; it's a must-watch if you haven't seen it. — Whitney Phaneuf

So excited to get my umami fix at the newly opened Oakland outpost of Umami Burger. It also serves bloody marys. Maybe it’s the Nineties R&B playlist, but I’m imagining “I Believe I Can Fly” as the soundtrack to this beautiful meal. — A.G.

Now there's this GPS tracking Tile that you can stick onto your laptop, slip in your wallet, or hang on your key chain. It helps you to find your things by tracking the tile and telling you when you're "getting warmer." The tile also beeps. — E.S.