What We Like: Breakdancing Mr. Rogers, Ezra Klein, Safe



Boston was, obviously, the biggest thing on anyone’s mind last week, so I’d like to point out a few excellent, thoughtful pieces of writing that came out of it: Beautiful, initial reflections on the attack and the meaning of marathons by Ezra Klein and Nicholas Thompson; then this account of what things were like on the ground in the area’s hospitals by Atul Gawande; then, after the names of the suspects were revealed, The New Republic on Chechnya and Quartz on the existential strangeness of internet sleuthing. — Ellen Cushing

In case you need a reminder of why Mr. Rogers was awesome, here is a video of him learning how to breakdance. — Luke Tsai

I guess if Conan already did a parody of this Tumblr, it's gone beyond viral, but it's easy to see why: Any parent of toddlers can relate to Reasons My Son Is Crying. My favorite is "The milk isn't juice." — L.T.

Theres a Tumblr dedicated to why this toddler is crying.
  • Reasons My Son Is Crying
  • There's a Tumblr dedicated to why this toddler is crying.

If you haven't watched Welcome to the Dollhouse in a few years (or ever), it's still a perfect encapsulation of how it feels to be a nerdy, quirky tween in an absurd adult world. Also, Dawn Wiener is my new fashion icon (elastic waistbands, yes!). — Whitney Phaneuf

This one comes with a huge disclaimer, as my friends made it, but believe me when I say that the new Safe song (and its accompanying video) is nepotism-transcendingly beautiful. — E.C.