What to Do on Sunday Night



Toca03.jpg Want to catch a totally wild punk-rap-synth-metal-Latin-indie band from Los Angeles on its first visit to the Bay Area? Read all those genre names again; by EarBud's word, across Toca's 2007 self-titled debut, they're all there. Toca's music is pastiched to hell and back from as wide a swath of genres as you're likely to find. Here's the best part: Unlike most groups who try this trick, Toca don't suck! In fact, it's incredibly good. Tune in to a few tracks on its MySpace page if you don't believe me. Specifically, "Con Ruido" and "Toca Can't Dance." A few members of the band actually have East Bay roots, so they deserve to be shown some love when they arrive. The show's in San Francisco at the Silverman Gallery, 2295 3rd St. Call the gallery at (415) 255-9508 for more information.