Weekly Roundup: Canny Bus Rolls On; Patch Piracy Gets Messy



Here's your weekly headlines: 1) Mario Abad and The Canny Bus gets a little look from the Wall Street Journal. Little has changed since we talked to him last July. More headlines after the jump:

2) Chris Roberts, special to The Examiner, looks at legal pot policing illegal peddlers.

3) Is Snoop Dogg Offering To Endorse LA Marijuana Shops For Cash?, by Dennis Romero at LA Weekly. If 50 Cent can tweet up his stock $50 million ...

4) No bong hits for The Fighter Mark Wahlberg; he gave it up for the kids. Celebstoner.

5) Pot farmer faces 25 to life for shotgunning patch pirate, the Fresno Bee reports. (Via NORML)