Weekender: This Weekend's Top Five Events


It's the weekend (almost), so treat yourself to the following fun activities (in the very near future):

Les 7 Doigts de la Main Circus
Self-described as nouveau cirque, Les 7 Doigts de la Main blends acrobatics, avant-garde dance, physical comedy, music, video projections, and live DJs; suffice to say it's not your run-of-the-mill circus act. Founded in Montreal in 2002, the group — whose name translates to “the seven fingers of the hand,” a twist on the French idiom used to describe many parts working together as a fluid, cohesive unit — has gained praise for going above and beyond typical circus acts and avoiding the easy tropes of Cirque du Soleil stylings. The company will perform its latest show, “PSY,” on Friday through Sunday, May 3-5, at Zellerbach Hall. Showtimes vary, tickets start at $22. 510-642-9988 or CalPerfs.Berkeley.eduAzeen Ghorayshi

  • Aaron Quint

Taco Conf
Conferences usually suck — at least according to Max Ogden, an independent computer programmer based in Oakland. That's why he created Taco Conf: Since tacos are his favorite food, and bicycling is his favorite mode of transportation, Taco Conf was pretty much a foregone conclusion. On Sunday, May 5, meet fellow taco-cyclists at Snow Park for a full-day exploration of a curated set of five or six of Oakland's finest taco offerings, from downtown to Fruitvale, trucks to family taquerias. As with the popular East Bay Bike Party monthly rides, the route will be posted online so that stragglers can join in at any point. It's just at this conference, you also happen to be in pursuit of the perfect taco. 11 a.m.-6 p.m., free (bring $20 to $30 in cash for taco purchases). TacoConf.comA.G.

CCA Student Comics Fair
At Oakland’s esteemed California College of the Arts — one of the leading arts training institutions in the country — you can actually get a master of fine arts in comics. That says a lot about the level of respect comic arts receive these days, as well as the high caliber of work that CCA students are producing. Join them on Sunday, May 5, at The Escapist Comic Bookstore as they read from their work, discuss their artistic processes, and sell their mini comics. 4-6 p.m., free. 510-652-6642 or EscapistComics.com A.G.

Seeking Cyber Love
From total disasters to matches made in heaven, the peculiar phenomenon of online dating is a font of stories of all sorts. That's why Rock Paper Scissors Gallery launched "Seeking Cyber Love," a new podcast that seeks to share tales of "success, romance, horror, untrustworthiness, flakers, flounders, follies, magic, perverts, or passion." Bring your stories (which will be recorded for the podcast) or just your person to the gallery on Saturday, May 4, for an afternoon that’s sure to make you feel hopeful and despondent all at once — just like online dating. If you're unable to attend, audio files can also be submitted via email; see website for instructions. 1 p.m., free. 510-238-9171 or RPSCollective.orgA.G.

  • Michael Kebbekus

Future Twin
San Francisco indie rockers Future Twin can be a bit of a musical chimera — sometimes, it reveals the raucous spirit of its earlier, blissfully degenerate punk counterparts (think a poppier, sweeter version of, say, Black Flag), particularly on tracks like “Lockits” and “Yuka.” On the other hand, songs like “Badseed” deliver a heavy dose of synth-infused twee pop. Some of its irresistible appeal — the part that doesn’t come from churning, infectious melodies — can be attributed to Jean Jeanie’s unabashedly big-lunged vocals that often veer heavenward into the realm of Björk or Zola Jesus (just listen to “Landslide,” the closer on the band’s early 2012 Situation EP, and try to keep your heart out of your throat). Future Twin plays with Voyaj, Upside Drow, and All Your Sisters at The Uptown on Friday, May 3. 9 p.m., free. UptownNightClub.comLenika Cruz

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