Wednesday Must Reads: Oakland Teachers in Work Slowdowns at 15 Schools; $4 Million Elevator on Bay Bridge Doesn’t Work


Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Frustrated about the lack of progress on a new union contract, teachers at fifteen Oakland schools are refusing to stay extra hours on campus to work with students, the Chron reports. The work slow-downs — known as work-to-rule — means that teachers at the fifteen schools will only work what’s mandated in the current contract: 6.75 hours a day for elementary and middle schools, and seven hours for high schools. The school district is offering a 10 percent raise over the three years; while the union is asking for a 14 to 17 percent raise. Oakland teachers are the lowest paid in Alameda County.

2. In the latest in a series of snafus on the new Bay Bridge, a $4 million elevator on the span doesn’t work, the Chron$ reports. The elevator is designed to take maintenance workers to the top of the 525-foot tower of the bridge, but it failed after just a few uses.

3. Emeryville police fatally shot a woman in North Oakland on Tuesday, the Chron reports. Police said the woman was a theft suspect and that she was reportedly armed. In addition, Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed an Antioch man that they said had come at them with a knife.

4. The California Highway Patrol has agreed to pay $2.5 million to an African-American man from Sunnyvale who was shot eight times by CHP officers during a traffic stop, the Mercury News$ reports.

5. More than 50,000 undocumented immigrants have obtained driver’s licenses under California’s new state law, which took effect on January 2, the SacBee$ reports.

6. A federal judge ordered state prison officials to stop their regular practice of putting disabled inmates in isolation cells, the LA Times$ reports.

7. The Association of Bay Area Governments has agreed to take $1.3 million out of its reserves and put into a San Francisco parks fund after an ABAG official allegedly stole the money from the fund and used it to by a posh estate in Oregon, the Chron reports.

8. The San Jose City Council voted unanimously to appeal a federal appellate court decision that threw out the city’s lawsuit against Major League Baseball, the Mercury News$ reports. The council wants the US Supreme Court to decide whether the Oakland A’s can move to San Jose.

9. And the anti-vaxx movement could become an issue in the 2016 presidential race, as several GOP contenders have expressed support for allowing parents to opt out of giving their children vaccinations, despite the current measles outbreak, the Chron reports.