Wednesday Must Read



1. What’s funnier? CSU Stanislaus officials shredding and dumping documents relating to Sarah Palin’s controversial speaking contract at the university or the fact that former half-term governor refused to show up if she was asked any unscreened questions.

2. Barbara Boxer has raised a lot more money than her two main Republican rivals, Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina, the LA Times reports. Tea Party fave Chuck DeVore is a distant fourth.

3. Steve Poizner’s book is doing better than his campaign for governor, the Chron notes.

4. But Poizner still seems to be doing his job as insurance commissioner. Earlier this week he decided to come down on Mercury Insurance, which is bankrolling a June ballot measure that would allow insurance companies to charge higher rates to low-income drivers, for alleged illegal wrongdoing.

5. California no longer has the highest paid teachers in the nation. But they still make way more than the national average.

6. As a board member for Goldman Sachs, one of the giant institutions that helped cause the Great Recession, how responsible was Meg Whitman for economic downturn? California Watch goes there.

7. Two of California’s largest public pension funds have decided to stop investing in real estate deals that force tenants out of their homes, the Sac Bee reports. What took so long?

8. Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts has restricted access to police headquarters in the wake of two recent incidents, the Trib reports.

9. And an increasing number of East Bay cities are requiring contractors to hire local workers, according to the CoCo Times.