Here are some of today’s stories that are worth checking out:

1. A bad sign for Oakland? A top official for Major League Baseball had lunch earlier this week with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Oakland A's co-owner Lew Wollf, who wants to move the team to the South Bay, the Merc reports.

2. Alameda County likely will face another round of staggering budget cuts, because the value of East Bay property appears to be declining again this year, resulting in lower property tax revenues, the Trib reports.

3. A federal appellate court ruling could allow Comcast and AT&T to block web content or charge for otherwise free information on the Internet. The ruling is considered a stinging blow to “net neutrality,” a concept embraced by the Obama administration and Internet giants Google and Yahoo.

4. BART board members who are up for reelection this year are pushing for a temporary rebate on rider fares, the Chron reports.

5. Is San Francisco handing out toxic sewage sludge for people’s gardens?

6. An AC Transit bus driver had a very bad night.