Wednesday Must Read: Pedophile Priests, Segregated Prisons, and Carly's Economic Prognostication.


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In yet another case of the Catholic Church displaying more concern for its own reputation than for the well-being of its young members, an alleged pedophile priest was shuffled from Ireland to California during the 1980s, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Patrick Joseph McCabe was subsequently accused of inappropriate conduct at a parish in Eureka in the mid-1980s. He lives in Alameda today, and was recently charged by Irish authorities with sexually assaulting young boys.

Only four of the state's thirty prisons have managed to desegregate their cells in the five years since the US Supreme Court said that such assignments may not be based solely on race, News21 reported in the San Francisco Chronicle. In the 1960s and 1970s, states such as California developed a racial criteria for segregating inmates as prison gangs grew in response to the explosion in inmate populations. But the segregation of inmates only hardened the racial divisions among inmates, as a 2004 East Bay Express story about the Nuestra Familia prison gang pointed out. (Note: the full story Chron does not appear to be online.)

Carly Fiorina says less government intervention is needed to jump-start the US economy, the Chron reports. After all, she drove down HP's stock value by about 60 percent without any government assistance.