Wednesday Must Read: Oakland May Get Weed Farms After All; Claremont Hotel Files for Bankruptcy



We're back! Stories you shouldn't miss:

1. Oakland's revisiting its pot farm ordinance and could have a new policy in place within two weeks, according to the Trib. Provided it clears the Public Safety Committee and the City Council, the new ordinance would allow for five large-scale farms and could double the number of dispensaries in the city. The issue was shelved in December after D.A. Nancy O'Malley raised questions about legality, but Councilmember Desley Brooks, who introduced the new policy, said her plan would avoid those issues. We'll keep you posted!

2. Berkeley's Claremont Hotel filed for bankruptcy yesterday, according to Bloomberg. The hotel is one of five — all acquired by Morgan Stanley in 2007 — that were seized by lenders in the wake of flagging revenues and increasing debt. The resort and spa's operators said they intend to keep the Claremont open while everything gets worked out.

3. San Jose interim police chief Chris Moore was officially made permanent in a closed-door city council session last night. Moore, who's been serving as interim chief since October, was picked for the position over Oakland's Anthony Batts, whose announcement that he'd made a bid for the job provoked quite the shitstorm last week. Batts, meanwhile, continues to be cagey about his future in Oakland and is expected to announce whether he'll stay by the end of the week.

4. Cal football coach Jeff Tedford has recruited a solid freshman class, accoridng to the Chron. Coming off a fairly demoralizing season — his first-ever losing season as coach — Tedford's rounded up a recruiting class that's expected to make a top 15 or 20 national ranking (if, that is, all 19 of them turn in their letters of intent today).

5. The East Coast and Midwest continued to be barraged by snow (suckers!!), despite the fact that Punxsutawney Phil, expert meterologist that he is, failed to see his shadow this morning, thus predicting an early spring.

6. And in case you missed it, embattled Egyptian president Mubarak's vow not to run for re-election in September hasn't exactly placated protestors, though the country appears to have restored internet access to its citizens as of this morning.