Wednesday Must Read: Ballpark Proposal for A’s Gets Aired Tonight; Kamala Harris to Focus on Environment



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. The City of Oakland’s plan for a new waterfront ballpark for the Oakland A’s will get its first public airing tonight in front of the city Planning Commission. Members of the public will get a chance to comment on the plan and suggest issues that should be studied in the city’s environmental impact report. The proposal calls for a 39,000-seat stadium nestled along the Lake Merritt Channel and the Oakland Estuary, surrounded by housing, retail, and office space. Traffic issues are sure to be among the top concerns for the proposed project, the Trib notes.

2. California Attorney General-elect Kamala Harris said yesterday that she plans to go after polluters, along with focusing on inmate recidivism and fighting white collar crime, the Chron reports. Harris also said her office will help local police agencies combat gang violence and will target high-tech crimes, such as identity theft.

3. Parents can sue their local school district for failing to provide enough physical education classes for students, an appellate court has ruled, according to the Chron. The decision stemmed from a lawsuit filed by a parent against the Albany school district over the lack of PE time afforded to students. The appellate court ruled that school district must provide 200 minutes of PE instruction to elementary school kids every ten days under state law. For middle and high school, it’s 400 minutes, not including recess.

4. A majority of the US Supreme Court appears ready to rule against California in its appeal over prison overcrowding, paving the way for the early release of tens of thousands of prisoners, the Chron reports. The state contends that a federal appeals panel overstepped its authority when it ordered California to begin releasing prisoners because overcrowding has led to deplorable health conditions. But a majority of justices on the high court appeared to agree that the appellate court acted appropriately.

5. Nearly a half-million Californians will lose their unemployment benefits by Christmas because Republicans in Congress are blocking an extension of the program, the Mercury News reports. Overall, about two million job seekers nationwide will lose their unemployment benefits this holiday season — a move that threatens to further depress the nation’s economy.