We Will Eat Rats to Survive


Coming up with an original band name is pretty difficult, so it's not surprising that some pretty horrific ones tend to surface (see title, above). But collectively, these bad band names can be damn funny. The Onion's A.V. Club posted a fairly extensive list of some of the Worst Band Names of 2006, divided by categories like emo bands, metal bands, and bands that use "fuck."

Standouts include: Rigor Phallus, Brutal Dildos, Tom Cruise Control, Groovatron, Figure H8, and Super Fucking Judo Flip.

Quite a few Bay Area bands Instant Asshole, Jesus Fucking Christ, made the list, and we thought we'd add a few more, plus a few other Northern California bands:

    Estradasphere 1-2-3 Not It! Blasfemia Blue Turtle Seduction Casual Dolphins Devastator Enzyme Dynamite Kaputnik

    Poo Poo Shoe Pants Pants Pants Fierce Antler Helper Monkeys