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We Were Feminists Once at Hillside Club in Berkeley


What is feminism in 2017? That question alone can create enough fodder for a day-long conversation. For Andi Zeisler, the founder of the Portland-based Bitch Magazine and the nonprofit Bitch Media, feminism in 2017 is in crisis. With pop culture and Hollywood embracing feminism as one of their core tenets—and core commodity to sell—Ziesler believes feminism has been co-opted and transformed it into something unrecognizable. If anything, Ziesler argues in her new book We Were Feminists Once that the Hollywood-ified definition of feminism has only deterred real progress and alienated many potential allies. With Donald Trump and the Republicans stripping away at reproductive rights and other feminist-related issues, she believes feminism has been reduced into a hollow brand rather than a full-fleshed political movement. In partnership with KPFA, Ziesler and poet-activist Aya DeLeon are gathering at the Hillside Club on Wednesday, March 29, to diagnose what ails current-day feminism and what solutions there can be reclaim it.