We Recommend: Odd Future Tonight at the Warfield



Everything you know about Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is wrapped into a two minute and thirty-one second music video, described in minute, pungent detail by writer Kelefah Sanneh, who profiled the group for The New Yorker. A group of Los Angeles teens pours random, noxious ingredients into a blender — prescription pills, dirt, cough syrup, weed, malt liquor — liquefies the admixture, and distributes it in red plastic cups. Once they've drunk everything, the kids go outside with their skateboards and proceed to wreck themselves, spewing blood, teeth, saliva, fingernails, and other bodily excretions. Warning: It's not for the feint of heart.

For Odd Future, that's relatively benign. Known for intricately-woven lyrics about brutality iin all forms — including rape — these rappers have no apparent filter, or moral compass. That said, they're also the most promising young artists in contemporary hip-hop. By introducing abstract language and fantastical imagery into a genre that used to ground itself in the "reality" of urban life, Odd Future managed, singlehandedly, to shift the dominant paradigm. Frontman Tyler the Creator propelled the group forward with sheer force of personality. On record, Tyler and his ilk are compelling; seen live, they're riveting. Check them out tonight at The Warfield (982 Market St., San Francisco), 9 p.m. $30. Buy tickets here.