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"Hawaiian house music floods into their ears, conducted along the jaw bone" -- The Merc's Brad Kava hits up SF Exploratorium's new auditory exhibit. ::::::::: "Paul McCartney was the violent, wine-glass stabbing, yelling, breast-hoarding, making-his-wife-crawl-around-on-all-fours Beatle," The CoCoTimes dishes. :::::::: Xzibit says, "everybody wants to blow [expletive] up, everybody wants to be in an action movie. I got to shoot a hole in the side of the Capitol building, for God's sake, I mean, come on. And then with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen in Derailed, "I got to smack her up with a Desert Eagle [gun], that was incredible" the Pimp My Ride host tells the Merc's Liu in her ten-minute phoner.