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Water on Mars

Suspenseful art pop.


On The Classical’s most recent album, Diptych, singer Juliet Gordon culls surrealist lyrics from word associations and dream symbolism, heightening the drama of her verses through a slow, suspenseful cadence. Previously, Gordon and drummer Britt Ciampa, her main creative collaborator, performed using pre-recorded backing tracks that featured sparse, moody keys and string instruments. But now, The Classical has a new band. The group will debut its retooled live show at its upcoming performance, Water on Mars, at Good Mother Gallery in downtown Oakland on November 21. Them Are Us Too, a local avant-garde pop two-piece, will perform alongside The Classical, as will Laughters, another duo with a similar penchant for poetic lyricism and dark, noise-addled compositions. Drea Faux Real, a DJ who works with rising Oakland rapper Tia Nomore, will spin party jams after the bands perform.